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    doggy dan online dog trainer

    A dog is man and woman's best friend. Well, your dog should be – with love, care, attention and most importantly – the right training. Each and every dog is unique in character and appearance, and also in their good and bad behaviours. However, training dogs doesn't come naturally to most of us.

  • Who is Doggy Dan?


    Daniel Abdelnoor, known to most as 'Doggy Dan', is an exceptional individual. From an early age, he has had an affinity with the canine kind – devoting his life to working with his favorite four-legged friends. He's endorsed by the Society for Protection against Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) as a professional dog trainer from Aukland in New Zealend, an animal rights activist, author, teacher, speaker and spokesperson for our furry friends. His character and passion for helping dog owners across the globe eradicate their entire dog and puppy obedience problems shine through his Doggy Dan's Online Dog Trainer's training videos, guides, blogs, forums and other work areas.


  • Helping Dogs and Their Owners Everywhere


    Dan soon realized he couldn't help train every dog, everywhere! He started sharing his knowledge through authoring the best-seller 'What the Dogs Taught Me About Being a Parent'. The book helped many dog-owners, but you can only learn so much from reading a book.


    Doggy Dan discovered people needed more: they needed videos showcasing his techniques, a space to share their experiences and hear from others in similar situations, and regular updates from their doggy guru Dan – and so, Doggy Dan's Online Dog Trainer program was born!


    He also recognised dog owners' need for in-depth guidance. Providing in-depth guidance in a book or TV show wouldn't work, as not everyone needs the same level of detail or has the same dog! Online Dog Trainer helps members identify the issues affecting their pooch, and the techniques to turn a devil-dog into the happy and obedient pet you deserve. He's designed the videos to help owners of Chihuahuas, Great Danes and every breed in-between.


  • Is Doggy Dan's Online Dog Trainer Approach Right For You And Your Dog?


    Does your dog terrorise you, your family or guests – through constant barking or even snarling, snapping or biting? Are you worried your cute puppy will grow to be a nightmare? Does your pooch strain at the lead when on a walk, or show aggression to other dogs and animals? Or perhaps your soon-to-be best friend is anxious; causing mess around your home, whining and barking whenever you leave or even approach your front door? If so, then clearly you'll both benefit from Doggy Dan's help!


    Doggy Dan's Online Dog Trainer provides you with the help you need – whether you have an older dog with behavioural problems, or you have a young puppy you hope grows up to be the dog of your dreams. You also don't need any experience of dog-training – Dan will lead you and your dog through along each step of your journey.


    Dan is an animal rights campaigner, and his approach uses no force, fear or gadgets. Doggy Dan's Online Dog Trainer is almost unique in this: why should we rule our furry friend through fear, aggression or expensive gadgets? Dan believes in a holistic approach, allowing you to train your dog anywhere (providing you've got internet access or remember his techniques!) – and where you and your dog respect each other.


  • How Doggy Dan Can Help You


    The first step to training your dog is to become 'pack leader' – your puppy or dog needs to respect you, if you're going to support it properly. Like the rest of Online Dog Trainer, he teaches his method through videos supported by text – with a whole section on becoming pack-leader to teach you the five golden rules, accessible from the drop-down menu. Unlike attending dog obedience classes this allows you to pause, rewind and re-watch his techniques until you've won your dog's respect.


    Have you got a puppy? If so, then section two is for you and your young pooch! The videos in this section address problems such as toilet training, gumming, jumping-up and recall. Doggy Dan's approach teaches you to communicate with your puppy in a calm and authoritative voice – helping your dog choose to be good, rather than being forced, through positive endorsement.


    If you have a dog with embedded behavioural problems, Online Dog Trainer's 'Dog Problems' and 'Dog Training' will be the sections for you – obviously, once you've earned your dog's respect as pack leader!

    The Dog Problems section helps you identify and treat the most common dog behavioural problems. It's reassuring to hear from Dan and see other dogs exhibiting the same traits that have frustrated you. Once you've got to grips with these and are the leader of your pack, the Dog Training section helps you get under your dog's skin.


    Dan teaches you the language and nature of dogs, the key principles to training your animal, how to use rewards and commands and much, much more to make you an expert dog trainer!


  • What do I get, and won't this be expensive?


    For only $1, you'll get a three-day trial to Dan's Online Dog Trainer. If you're not happy (why wouldn't you be?) you can stop it there, otherwise it's a little over a dollar a day ($37 a month) to become a full member.


    For just that $1, you'll have access to over 250 expert training videos. The videos help you perfect toning your voice and positioning body language perfectly. What's even better, is Dan uploads new videos of his dog training experiences almost every week.


    The only element of Doggy Dan's Online Dog Trainer that might be better than Dan's warm personality and his high-quality videos are the online forums. These are one of three exclusive bonuses for full members.


    With over 10,000 dog-lovers in Doggy Dan's online community, you'll be surprised with how regularly they're used – and how Dan himself responds to peoples questions and welcomes new users. With members stretching across the States and South America; England to Australia; even small islands like Scotland and Tasmania – you're sure to meet some interesting people in similar situations. Who knows, you might even make some friends?


    So, let Doggy Dan help you and your dog live happily and less stressful lives – visit his site today!


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